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The Heart of Greenville


By Catherine Eberly

Growing up in Greenville, SC, I thought I knew my city. To me, Greenville was enjoying Cleveland Park, going to the YMCA, breakfast outings at the Mug and Muffin, riding bikes along the Reedy River and church downtown on Sundays.

It wasn’t until recently that I began to notice that Greenville is much more than that little town I picture from my childhood. Every time that I come back from college a building has risen, a new restaurant is popular, and a different activity is trending. People are constantly claiming that Greenville is growing too fast and evolving into a different city than what we once knew.

While it is true that the skyline will inevitably continue to evolve and compelling trends will come and go, I believe the heart of Greenville will remain unchanged. This is because the heart of Greenville resides in its people.

People like Pearlie Harris who has spent many years making Greenville a better place, from the classroom to the hospital and beyond. People like Betty Farr who uses her gift of storytelling to inspire young children. People like the visionaries of Village Wrench, a bike shop that empowers under-resourced communities by teaching the trade of bicycle repair. People like Jared Emerson who shares his gift of art through his live painting at many Greenville events.

And lastly, the heart of Greenville will remain unchanged because of people, like you and me, who will continue to attend YMCA events, go to church downtown on Sundays, enjoy the Greenville Zoo and grab a tasty breakfast on Augusta Road.